Our Team

Adele Clough

Nursery Worker/Director
I have loved working at Stepping Stones for 14 years.
I really enjoy watching the children grow and develop.

Andrew Mitchell


Angela McCabe

Nursery Worker/Director
I have loved working at Stepping Stones Nursery for 14 years, watching every child grow from a baby into a lovely, happy and confident child as they say goodbye to us on their next big journey to school.

Angela Scott

Nursery Manager/Director

Charlotte White

Nursery Officer
Nursery Officer

Chris Proud

Business Manager/Director

Christine Gott

I am the cook and have worked at Stepping Stones since we opened.
I love my job, especially being able to interact with the children on a daily basis.

Elaine Hillary

Casual Staff

Helen Boyle


Hellen Mellons

Nursery Officer/Senior
Nursery Officer

Jeanette Richardson

Deputy Manager/Director

Joelle Manning

Nursery Officer
I really enjoy watching the children develop throughout their time in nursery. I love messy activities, such as Flubber - it is so sticky and gooey! I have 2 favourite books that I love sharing with the children; Five Minutes Peace and The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Kelly Watson

Nursery Officer
I did my Nursery Nurse training through Stepping Stones and have worked full time here since 2014.
I love being outdoors with the children; running around with them, kicking balls and making sand castles. We have lots of fun every day!

Leah Wilson

Casual Staff
Casual staff

Lindsay Green

Casual Staff

Lizzie Dyer

Nursery Officer/Director
I am a level 3 nursery officer and have worked as a nursery worker for 10 years.
My favourite part of working with children is getting messy with them and watching them have fun in my care.

Louise Hodgson


Marian Murray

Nursery Admin Worker/Director
After working for 8 years as a nursery assistant throughout the nursery I retired from the childcare side of things and I then took up a position as admin officer from 2003. I enjoy the work very much especially as it means that I can still interact with the children as I move around nursery.

Susan Burdon

Parent Director
Stepping Stones Nursery has given both my children a great start to life. I support the nursery as a director as I want other children to continue to have the same start they did. The skills I bring to this role have been developed through my 13 years of teaching and working in education.

Vicky Brown

Casual Staff
Casual Staff